Pedestrian Level Wind Environment Study

  •  We conduct wind study to maintain comfortable and safe pedestrian level wind conditions that are appropriate for the season and the intended use of the pedestrian areas, including sidewalks, street frontages, pathways, building entrance areas, open spaces, amenity areas, outdoor sitting areas, and accessible roof top areas, etc. 
  • The purpose of the pedestrian level wind study is to provide both qualitative and quantitative evaluations of pedestrian wind comfort conditions around the site, and to make recommendations for potential mitigation measures to improve wind comfort, where necessary.  

The research conducted and the engineering services

  • Cladding pressure of building structures
  • Wind-induced loads on structures
  • Wind-induced responses of structure
  • Pedestrian level wind environment
  • Snow drifting and accumulation
  • Air quality


ProWise teams together with U of W for wind study projects


the Open-loop Low-speed Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel  Lab

the University of Windsor (BLWT-UW)