Manufacturing Industry

Engineering Review


Provide detailed engineering review for aluminum, wood and steel product for engineer sign off. 

  • we commit to the turnaround time we agreed on with our clients
  • Service in USA and we provide service in the following states:  California, New York, Washington, Florida, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Virginia, Oregon, South Caroline and more
  • Engineer on Record for fall protection projects in Canada & USA

Research and Development


ProWise is the licensed user of ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise - The flagship tool for Finite Element Analysis. 

Through the study of the American, Canadian, European, Australian and German codes and standards, and the papers in the university database, we offer the most valuable R&D for your products

  • FEA analysis provides the best results in theory
  • Lab test to verify the model and produce the report for government agencies 

Automotive Plant Maintenance


Dedicated team to provide design & drafting and construction administration services for plant maintenance under emergency situations and shut down periods 

  • Fatigue analysis to predict the life cycle for conveyor system
  • Fall protection/safety system design
  • Team room and other minor modification the existing building

Mining Sector

Feasibility Study

Work for the investor, our expert engineering team with many years of experience in their own discipline and in the mining and oil industry. Provide the engineering deliverable as the consulting firm with the global practice of oil and mining

  • Expert engineering team provides monitoring and auditing services to the process of the feasibility study and cut the original cost of project for client - the investor. 

Plant Maintenance

We provide fast, timely and cost effective solutions for plant maintenance as a private engineering firm

  • Dedicated team works 7 days a week to provide timely solution and shorten the down time


Crushing & Conveyor System

We provide the best solutions as per the mine site condition for the crushing and conveying system

  • Provide engineering services for up to 30 meter high retaining wall design at the site with 0.85g seismic
  • Conveyor tunnel and concrete hopper box structure design under ore stockpile

Residential & Commercial



Provide expert advice on land developing and site plan approval (SPA). In house team and sub consultants provide the following services 

  • Environmental Site Assessment/Noise Study/Site Geotechnical Report
  • Traffic Study & Parking Assessment
  • Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Report
  • Site Grading/Landscape Plan
  • Wind Comfort and Safety Study -  Qualitative Wind Assessment and  Quantitative Wind Tunnel Study 
  • Site Photo-metric Study
  • Urban Design Brief

Building Permits - Fast Track


Handling the permit application and preparing the drawings for each discipline

  • Condominium
  • Doctor and Dental Office
  • Fitness Centre
  • Customized House 
  • House Renovation/Extension/Underpinning
  • HVAC & Plumbing/Grease Interceptor
  • Legalized Basement
  • Restaurant (Food court Commercial Kitchen), Pizza, Ice Cream store and etc. 

Construction Administration


  • Contract Preparation, Tendering & Administration Services 
  • Construction Review Services
  • Provide timely solution to the construction RFI and field review and sign off
  • Performance Audits & Reserve Fund Studies 
  • Infrastructure Condition Investigations & Assessments and Rehabilitation Design Services 

Power Substation & Transmission

Substation structural design


  1. Containment and concrete foundation 
  2. Reinforced concrete to support circuit breakers
  3. The reinforced concrete firewall design as per FM  global Loss prevention specs
  4. Cable tray support design 
  5. Steel walk way and stair design

Dead Ends & Pole Structural Foundation Design


Provide CIP Pile and Helical Pile foundation design for control room modular building

Engineering Drawings

Detail Drawings For Transformer Foundation

Detail Drawings For Transformer Foundations

Oil and Gas

Oil Sands Facility

Oil & Gas engineering and project services range from team consultations and feasibility studies to engineering

Lifting Analysis & Weight Control

Pipe rack/Vessel foundations/Utility plant

Maintenance Facility

Provide fast design and construction management for engineering detail design and management of pre-engineering building for utility and maintenance facilities 

Piping Stress Analysis

Our engineering team with experience of piping stress analysis from multi-billion dollars project of oil and gas

Pipe rack design/ Pipe Anchors and Supports Design/loops 

Intergraph CAESAR II 2014 Pipe stress Analysis 

More Engineering Services

Soil Retaining Structure

Expertise on soil retaining structure design of gravity wall, MSE wall and wood retaining wall

Engineering Expert Witness Services

Access unsuccessful construction project, prepare estimation and legal reports, appear on court as expert witness

ProWise provides expert witness services, litigation support, and forensic engineering – investigating structural failures, construction matters and other issues. Enables judges and juries to easily understand the technical issues

Transportation Analysis

Provide engineering analysis and design temporary reinforcement for land and sea transportation

Shoring Design

Our in-house Engineering team provides shoring design & drafting for house and commercial with timely solution

High Arctic Permafrost Foundation Design

Slurried Pile Foundations

Driven Pile Foundations

Ventilated duct Foundations

Flat Loop Thermosyphon Foundations

Module Structure design

Our expert team provides module structure design for mining and oil industry. We analyse the operating, lifting and transportation conditions